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Welcome to Southpaw Stogies

If I was asked to describe what cigars are for me, I would answer that they are a well-crafted art. Cigars can be anything from basic to complex, full-bodied to mysterious. There are blends for every smoker! It’s a relaxing luxury that can take you on a journey far away from the worries of everyday life.

I’ve met some of the most interesting people while smoking cigars. I’ve met everyone from cigar blenders to multi-millionaire airline executives, all sharing the same passion for cigar smoking. Every smoker has a story about why they smoke; these stories are always exciting and never the same! For me, I was introduced by a dear friend at a local lounge while sipping cocktails. I was immediately in love. Whiskey and cigars, coffee and cigars, hell, cocoa-cola and a toro, it’s all wonderful.

As this blog grows, I hope you share some of your stories and knowledge of cigars and enjoy some of mine. Welcome to Southpaw Stogies, the legacy begins here.

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